DVC AAUP Website Policy


The purpose of the Delaware Valley College Chapter of the AAUP web site is to provide members of the collective bargaining agreement with the following:

  1. Information of Union activities
  2. Updates about ongoing negotiations
  3. A forum for members to give feedback/replies to forum postings
  4. Information considered important to the membership as determined by the Chapter’s Executive Board.


Ultimate authority as to what is to be posted and/or allowed on the Chapter’s web site lies with the members of the duly elected Executive Board.

The sole purpose of the Web Master/Mistress is to implement the Executive Board’s decisions.


The union membership shall have access to all portions of the web site using their log-in credentials. This will allow them view both public & private areas, and participate in forums. While forum threads can only be started by the Executive Board, all members of the CBA can reply.  All members of the chapter can request that a forum thread be started by the Executive Board.  Once the request is discussed by the board and approved, the board will initiate the thread, allowing the initiator to remain anonymous.


All members posting on the web site are asked to use professional demeanor. No inflammatory or malicious language will be permitted. Personal attacks or slander will not be tolerated. Any breech of standards will cause the post to be deleted, without notification. Repeat offenders will be banned permanently from the forums.

Postings are considered private conversations & are not to be shared with non-members.

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