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Meeting Minutes – 8 May 2024

DelVal AAUP Meeting

8 May 2024

4:00 PM


Exec/Negotiating Team members: Jessica McCall (President), Karen McPherson (Vice President), Matt Mutchler (Secretary), Michael Farbotnik (negotiating team member),

Overall attendance: 32 Members

Call to order at 4:04 PM


  1. No nominations other than incumbents were received. All incumbent executive committee members are elected by acclamation.
  2. Remember to go to graduation. Admin would like us there at 8:30. E lot (by athletics) is a good place to park if you want to be near the stadium.
  3. We’d like to have a social? Perhaps at Warwick Farm? Volunteers?
    1. Julia Krout & Elizabeth S will help organize.
  4. As we move into summer, consider getting involved with CAT.

Negotiation Updates

  1. Working on the “low hanging fruit” and making some forward movement.
  2. We’re hopeful we’ll get to the “hard stuff” (e.g. financials) over the summer.



  1. If graduation is postponed, how long does our obligation to go last? Some people have travel plans. Sunday is mother’s day.
    1. Matt will reach out to Gloria for weather contingencies.
      1. Response received – Contingencies are 2 PM on Saturday or 9:30 AM on Sunday.
    2. If you can’t go to a reschedule, alert your chair/supervisor.


Meeting adjourned at 4:14 PM.